by Col Dixon 

December 2, 2018

Lancelin Volunteer Marine Rescue Safety Officers Report 01-10-18

Welcome to Spring!

Not much to report on the “rescue” front.

The days have been freezing cold but the fishing for some has been good, of course the surge has not helped those wanting to get out, and thanks to those who helped out those few that were unfortunate to have been caught out.

I have been away recuperating in Africa, since my last report so I am relying on my team for information.

And for those wanting to know how the trip was, I put on 5 kilo and have learnt to talk Hippo!!!!!!

Demersal Closure is soon (15th Oct to 15th Dec) and this may be a good time to complete your pre-season checks on your fishing gear and vessels, and get the pots ready.

Remember to service the new inflatable life vests you got for XMAS, Father’s day or Birthday from your family!

It is very simple, and you can find the information on the web via YouTube for “How to service your inflatable life jacket” Or contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

Can you find your safety gear in 30 seconds, your flares, EPIRB, life jackets (if not worn), you need to practice this, and if you can’t find them in 30 seconds, put them where you can get at them, you never know!

On the 26th August we had the LVMRG AGM, and a few people rolled up, it was (I believe) a very informative AGM, those that had not attended before or had no working knowledge of the group got a great insight into the community funding, and what we at LVMRG have achieved with the great support from DFES, VMRWA, Gingin Shire and Bendigo bank, which we are so indebted, fortunately this town I believe has the most volunteers in any town, and their labour of love is spread between lots of groups in this great community, and I think we are blessed with the commitment, from them all, a real special group, thank you up front guys and gals.

The new team at Sea Rescue are Pat Shinnick Commander, Bob James Vice Commander, Colin Walker Secretary, John Truswell, Treasurer, Lyn Lowes Radio Officer, Pat Shinnick Safety Officer, with General committee Guy Edgar, Peter Candido, Mike Cardy, Mel McGoldrick, with 2 new members Anthony Johnson and Dr Darryl Menaglio.

Welcome team, hope we all make that difference, whilst again thanking all on the previous committee for their massive assistance last year, the support was much appreciated.

Now I am sure it is not the locals, but I have been reliably informed that there were 7 boats out recently, that called in (thank you) but there was over 30 additional vehicles and trailers on the beach.

We assume that all are relying on their mobile phones to keep in touch with someone, (Mobile phones are possibly a reasonable Plan B should your radios fail ) but please remember, if you get into trouble, and need us we have no idea where you are, and in a worst case scenario if you get in the water, it can be devastating for your family, if they get the call from Police when we do our final run on the beach at night and trailers and vehicles are still on the beach, or family try to contact us when you are overdue or cant contact you, and they are worried.

Please call in.

In the future there will be the opportunity to use mobile phone apps etc, but this is something that is a little while off, to register your trip and details, so help us help you all.

We are but mere volunteers that do want to help you all.

Please if you are able to support us in any way, contact us on 0447 551 289, the phone goes to the Radio person on the day, who will be able to point you in the right direction, if you can assist with anything it would be appreciative.

Safe Boating to all.

Pat Shinnick Chairman & Safety Officer of Lancelin Sea Search and Rescue Group

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